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Genre: 18+ A | Romance | Drama

Quality: 1080p | 720p | 480p

Size: 1.9GB | 1.1GB | 450MB

Language: Hindi

Release Date: July 01, 2022

Cast: Anshuman, Srimoyee, Srimoyee Mana

Story: The Web series portrays a Modern Story of a Guy, who initiated his second marriage because his First wife died due to a Heart attack. They were doing sex on bed and suddenly her second wife seemed, to become curious about Smita and what exactly happened to her. Aryan decides to tell her everything, so He starts narrating the story. Smita was an acting teacher in a renowned Indian Acting Institute and had mentored many successful actors and actresses. While She was teaching about acting in movies to a batch of aspiring Bollywood actors, there’s a young boy, Aryan, who likes her. As Erectile Dysfunction of Aryan created a gap between them, and This gap opened the door to opportunities for Chintu. Soon, Chintu and Nita started hanging out together, But Suddenly one day, Smita died while sleeping. Reports say it’s a heart attack but Who knows? Watch to find all the answers.



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